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whocalled.us About | Join | Sign in Who Called Us The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number, All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE". Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want Caller ID 1,927,668 reports   1,114,013 comments Most reported today (267) 309-6203 (5) (321) 402-1738 (2) (909) 390-5302 (2) (239) 214-8594 (2) (703) 267-2342 (2) (239) 214-8780 (1) (407) 949-4755 (1) (724) 713-3149 (1) (876) 283-8856 (1) (212) 736-1105 (1) Most reported this week (267) 309-6203 (19) (407) 205-0295 (10) (414) 232-5011 (10) (704) 220-1712 (8) (786) 204-4358 (6) (646) 265-8678 (6) (731) 201-0118 (6) (702) 832-3139 (5) (937) 660-9658 (4) (304) 205-0396 (4) (876) 433-7843 2 minutes ago Scamming nobjockeys; do not answer or block their calls if you can. It is a dangerous bunch of robo-calling scammers trying to get your credit card or bank info. (314) 305-1916 48 minutes ago This girl is hiv (800) 501-9092 49 minutes ago Nothing (703) 267-2342 54 minutes ago stopped ringing after 3...some sort of junk... (913) 370-4878 1 hour ago KS STATE TROOPER,WANTS DONATION (913) 370-4878 1 hour ago KANSAS STATE TROOPERS,WANT DONATIONS (843) 264-7342 1 hour ago Called and knew my vehicle yr make and model. Asked how many miles were on it and said the call was related to my warranty. Caller said due to the number of miles I was being transferred to a supervisor. I told them my vehicle had an existing warranty they said they would update my file and basically hung up. Sounded very suspicious to me. I has not going to give them any additional information either way. SCAM (832) 431-4083 2 hours ago It's a car insurance company. (239) 214-8602 2 hours ago Did not leave a message (876) 283-8856 3 hours ago man with strong Canadian accent spoke very slowly. He claimed to be Michael Morgan the delivery driver for publisher's clearinghouse. Asked me you do remember entering the sweepstakes right? When I said no he hung up (302) 668-1077 3 hours ago I was told that someone but do not have the list in front of them received a complimentary carpet cleaning and they were offering me one as well. I am still trying to find out more info on this number. (484) 925-6496 3 hours ago I got call at 12:55 AM on April 19, 2014. "Message" they "left" was a click. (928) 961-4987 9 hours ago They call EVERY TIME BETWEEN 12- 12:30 AM & never say anything but you can hear noise in the background then be either hang up or I end up hanging up on them because nothing's ever said and they will never say who they are annoying and rude but we keep getting a location that they are located in the globe in Miami area of Arizona. Not only do they call our business line they call personal phones and other people's work cell phones that have nothing to do with our business or system seems to know the numbers (267) 309-6203 10 hours ago Spoofed numbers. Report to FCC.gov wireless complaints. Don't answer unknown numbers. Same calls every Friday. (407) 205-0295 11 hours ago Answer the call and once the robo voice starts talking hit *4 and hold for 15 seconds then switch to #3 and hold until disconnected. This deletes your number from their computer. The tone pattern tells the dialer you are a virus! I love programming help. (702) 956-8192 15 hours ago Must be affiliated with phone number 7024870110. Ask them to kindly send an email. (206) 422-0913 16 hours ago I saw this number on my wife's cell phone so I decided to call it. Turned out to be the prick that was banging my wife while I would be hard at work. I'm going to kill this asshole!!!! (312) 800-9110 16 hours ago Didn't answer and I know no one in chicago or even close (901) 201-5638 17 hours ago Newspaper subscription service. (972) 635-8621 17 hours ago They call....don't leave a message. Sure sign it is not a legit group. (360) 591-7559 18 hours ago They do not leave a message but I have seen this number reported on another board. I am hoping they will stop calling. This is not the first call. I do not answer. (254) 870-5600 18 hours ago Telemarketer (800) 295-8051 18 hours ago These robo fakes call 3 times day. Total fraudsters! (916) 597-1107 18 hours ago Buttlickers call 5 times a day... (202) 280-7234 19 hours ago I just got a call as well from Brian Allen. Whats the best way to deal with such crooks. (702) 224-2243 20 hours ago Get the same thing with no message left. Don't know who this is. (866) 518-3923 20 hours ago SIRIUS RADIO..For some reason they do not leave any messages.. (855) 211-2529 21 hours ago call on my home # I don't know this #if a number is not in my cell I do not answer.. How do you get read of these pests !!! (435) 522-7900 21 hours ago Mario.......power duct cleaning scam (413) 207-8582 21 hours ago ANOTHER PHONE NUMBER FROM WHICH THOSE SCAMMERS (CC NUMBER PHISHING) CALKL (866) 300-1057 21 hours ago another unsolicited, unknown, unseen, unlawful call (267) 773-4936 21 hours ago This is Brennan from regonline.com (706) 561-8396 21 hours ago USPS Columbus, GA (716) 217-2340 21 hours ago No message. (877) 237-0512 21 hours ago Called that number, recording says Midland Credit Management. outside calling service. Pakistan/ India. (360) 993-5475 22 hours ago This number keeps calling my home phone - several times a week, sometimes 3 or 4 a day. No message is left, and nothing except dead air and clicks if I answer - listed as "Wastream" on caller ID (800) 981-2591 22 hours ago Mothers Against Drunk Driving aka M.A.D.D. but comes up 800 Service and the Ph. # 800-981-2591. They've called repeatedly. When I first picked it up a recording came on so I hung up. I then put the Ph. # on my Block Call list. Never donated anything so it should have been blocked, but they are still calling. They may be exempt from being blocked or reported to the Gov't. Do Not Call website. Not sure. (513) 872-1400 22 hours ago SCAMMERS (786) 607-7448 23 hours ago I just left a report about this number and since they are calling my work cell phone (I'm a deputy Sheriff and this is the phone we are issued by the county to use for official business) I had a friend at the phone company check the number also, he said the number IS a Florida, USA number but that it's being auto-forwarded overseas somewhere. (786) 607-7448 23 hours ago Someone with a thick east Indian accent yet claims to be in Florida and gives a very American name... Yea right, I mean no way the name/location he gave matches up with his accent, the call quality, or what I can hear going on in the background. Anyway, claims he works in a medical center and is calling about my recent surgery (I haven't had any) and starts immediately asking personal info. I asked what company he was with and despite the fact that I asked three times neither me nor anyone here listening on the speaker phone can quite make out what he's saying which I think is more than just his accent, seems intentional that he's slurring it more than can be accounted for by his accent. I think the place is a scam of some kind. (260) 312-3982 23 hours ago This lady called me and acted like a total bitch. She has been prank calling me forever. Her e-mail is akgraham10@gmail.com her phone number is 260-312-3982. Let's spam her ass. (561) 432-8377 23 hours ago Rude man names Nick Rousso wanted to speak to the owner. Would not tell me why and hung up on me. (612) 584-2120 23 hours ago Scam looking for information on my vehicle. Hung up on me when I asked further questions (305) 368-8262 24 hours ago MOST RECENT PHONE NUMBER FOR THAT CC NUMBER PHISHING SCAM (877) 218-8370 24 hours ago They call non-stop, multiple times a day. When I called the number back a recording says Children's Cancer Fund of America (claim to be a non-profit). They have a place to leave a message about your contribution...so I left one saying don't call again. Hope it works. (989) 826-5590 24 hours ago Called at 10:15 on Good Friday. Lost count of the rings at 13... (913) 203-1099 24 hours ago Missed call. Didn't leave a message. Called the number back from another phone. Answered as daily jackpot, to enter on the phone or go to dailyjackpot.com and play there. The only thing that came up on Google was a UK website. I have gotten calls from this number before but wasn't ever able to connect to anything calling it back. Watch out, because a UK site with a local area code, got to be a scam. (435) 680-2654 24 hours ago Fucking whore (267) 309-6203 24 hours ago Computer voice saying "You have won a fabulous cruise......" sixth time in two weeks, same number different offers. I hate them all. (909) 390-5302 24 hours ago Robocall / scam Blatantly obvious credit card scammers trying to get your credit card info. (458) 201-1298 25 hours ago blind robodialler selling google advert placement (219) 992-9828 25 hours ago FUKIN AZZHOLE TELEMARKETERS SHOULD ELIMINATE THE CONNECTICUT LISTINGS AND STOP CALLING US AND LEAVE US ALONE! (518) 417-1294 25 hours ago Medical Alert system sellers (813) 434-0117 25 hours ago Robo-call selling reverse mortgages. (912) 380-6540 26 hours ago they called without leaving a message 5 times in one day (786) 270-1200 26 hours ago Scammer trying to get information from you for "compensation for a medical procedure your daughter may have had several years ago" - Vaginal Mesh implant scam (919) 524-5888 26 hours ago Calls repeatedly. Left no message but the call went through to leave a message. Just several seconds of silence, then they hung up. (828) 400-2014 26 hours ago hangs up when answering. blacklisted (876) 257-1555 26 hours ago Calls come from these scammers every day. Added the number to the Call Block feature on the phone. Instead of getting a real job, these ratbastards keep perpetuating financial scams. (877) 219-0853 27 hours ago These people are using Obama (Stimulus) money to make phone calls. They probably get paid for every phone call they make. This is the same scam used by card holder services. Doesn't it make you feel warm and fuzzy to know your tax dollars are paying them to do this! (909) 390-5302 27 hours ago did not recognize, did not answer (914) 940-4363 27 hours ago Another number being used by March of Dimes (MOD)for solicitations. So far, have received MOD calls from following numbers, all in Area Code 914: 914-205-4300; 914-224-8950; 914-294-1295; 914-294-2431; 914-294-2468; 914-294-2500; 914-294-2543; 914-368-2559; 914-9940-4363; 914-979-2815. So far, MOD calls came right after 9 am and incessantly between 4 pm and 7 pm EDST. Am blocking Area code and exchange with Digitone as each new exchange pops up. 0017725550161 27 hours ago This must be a new one as no number recognised on a search, usual scam though, from Windows Microsoft haha Yeh sure he was English name foreign accent I believe your the owner of the computer I ask how do you know that, stange the line then went dead lol (502) 437-3750 28 hours ago hung up, name unavailable, tried to call back, bogus number. 401 30 hours ago I've been recvng calls from this +401 n +5011 from last one week...n in a day atleast 20 Times...m ignoring bt nw it's irritating..can nybody tell me from Whr d hell ths Num is?? (267) 966-9188 31 hours ago I missed the call. No message left. (425) 440-3243 31 hours ago I don't know who called, but I'm curious. Sounded like an autodialer (the pause in connection after I picked up), but when I finally picked up the call this morning after missing 9 calls from that number the previous day. (877) 273-7626 38 hours ago In our town Bresnan was bought out by Charter Communications. I have no idea why Bresnan would continue to call me when they no longer serve this area. (440) 716-9023 38 hours ago cam up kenet bukszar no message. tried calling back just an answering machine or fax sometimes (304) 732-9610 40 hours ago This number called and said they were recieving errors from my microsoft computer and they needed to check them, I said bull shit I never contacted you so where did you get your information from and he just kept talking about needing to check my microsoft computer so I hung up on him. I don't want the wrong person get this same call because they might think it's legit and give out their personal information and get taken. (847) 579-9835 41 hours ago They left recorded msg on answering machine claiming a "free" emergency alert system including $1200 worth of equipment and installation. Then they try to "make it legal" by giving you a chance to remove your name from their calling list. They aren't supposed to be calling in the first place! (678) 681-1899 41 hours ago Left message that indicated it was a credit scam, offering to remove my credit problems and lower my credit card rate. Since I have an outstanding credit score, it has to be a scam (267) 309-6203 41 hours ago Scum Bags keep calling, but I don't answer. When they hang up I block that number. Of course they only switch to another number in a few days and call again. The phone company should not allow constant number switching. (518) 417-9314 41 hours ago Said someone referred them to me. Said I was eligible for a medical alert assist and that Medicare would pay for it. It was a recording. I hung up. (503) 828-1962 41 hours ago 503-828-1962 called and said they were "Secure ID". The number can not be called back. I am on the "DoNotCall" list so they are not a real service.. (435) 750-8797 41 hours ago Get this call every day around 5:30 PM, no message. We never answer. VERY ANNOYING!!! (785) 655-2585 42 hours ago This number places marketing calls to numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line. Their recorded message is about your recent treatment with particular medications, and how those medications are linked to serious side effects and you need to talk to a lawyer immediately to see if you are eligible for a massive settlement. When you do get an operator on the line, he immediately hangs up when you ask for hist company name, again violating the TCPA. This is quite clearly a scam. Do not provide this scammer with any personal information. (212) 400-6325 42 hours ago Calls from 212-400-6325 several times a day for the last few weeks. No Caller ID information. No message. (458) 201-1344 42 hours ago They are wasting time and resources calling me. I do not answer calls that are from unknown callers. (208) 451-2121 42 hours ago A 44-second long message describes the standard "FBI Reports" security system "at no cost to you" scam. Who in his right mind would buy a security-related product from someone who's first contact with you is in violation of federal and state laws? 999200200 43 hours ago no caller id, also no 1 (long distance) before the number (855) 851-1756 43 hours ago Recording, man said his name was Bernard Barnell & they're doing some asthma research & if interested, press ___ (727) 819-9536 43 hours ago I got a call today from this number but have had several calls over the past couple of weeks from different numbers, but this same company. Everyone who has called, I have asked them to take me off their calling list. The guy who called today from this number, when I told him I have told them several times to quit calling and take me off their list, he rudely said "It wasn't me" and hung up. I am sick and tired of these calls every day. I am "supposedly" on the do-not-call registry, plus, our phone number is unlisted. (702) 359-9089 43 hours ago Have had two calls from this number. First one I didn't answer but the last one I did. Asked for me by name. When I asked what he wanted he hung up on me. One more call and this number will go into my blocked number list. (770) 203-1285 43 hours ago Martin's Tree Service - Gainesville 1330 Patterson Dr, Gainesville, GA 30501 (770) 203-1285 Great tree service in business since 2000. You can trust only the best!!! Tree Service, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding http://martinstreesvc.com/ (800) 350-4577 43 hours ago THIS WAS A LEGITIMATE CALL TO CONFIRM CHARGES MADE TO MY DISCOVER CARD. (215) 383-3388 43 hours ago Probably a scammer (215) 383-3388 43 hours ago Call and hung up (985) 657-7574 43 hours ago Pick & hang. No interest in these types of numbers. (800) 266-2278 43 hours ago Comcast to confirm a service appointment (702) 371-7581 44 hours ago He said his name was Alex and that he worked at a spa and gave massages. He wanted me to meet him to get to know each other. I'm not sure how he got my number but he knew my name and private information about me. It was very creepy. I hung up on him and blocked his number. (561) 463-8328 44 hours ago I continue receiving calls from what sounds like the same man on the other end. One time the call is from CA, the next time it is from FL. Each call starts out with: I am calling to offer you a medical compensation. Then, the proceed to tell me that they understand I have had vaginal mesh surgery. I tell then no I haven't. Then they continue to ask if I took this or that medication during pregnancy. I tell them no and they just keep going on and on untill I finally just tell them to stop bothering me and I hang up the phone. Where they got this idea, I have no idea. The person on the other end is a foreigner. I can tell by his accent. He even calls me by my first name. I want these "so called medical compensation" calls to stop immediately. The next time I receive a call like this, I am reporting it to the FBI. Artie (763) 390-1685 44 hours ago National Recovery Services, Minnasota (608) 807-2267 44 hours ago We were gone when this call came in (866) 849-8008 44 hours ago first half of the message was cut off, but the part that was caught was about a rate increase of some sorts. (877) 291-1524 44 hours ago This number belongs to 24PetWatch. If you recently adopted a pet and/or had a pet chipped is the reason they are calling (000) 000-0000 44 hours ago Leaves no message. Called 5 times in one day (303) 305-4277 45 hours ago Claimed to be from "Warranty Department." Then asked me to verify vehicle make and mileage, owner and financing company. If they were legit, they would already have that info. Figured it was time for me to be rude and then hung up. Showed up on ID as "Unassigned." (443) 478-4834 45 hours ago this number is scam (770) 217-3276 45 hours ago this number is a scam (918) 932-2875 45 hours ago Has called twice within a week. No message. (541) 200-3269 45 hours ago Noone was there when I answered the phone. (215) 343-2596 45 hours ago Carmine & Company hair salon (501) 476-0557 45 hours ago Operator said they were calling from the "Retardation Foundation" in Little Rock. No real agency helping disabled Americans would call their foundation with any reference to "retardation" in their title or vocabulary. (410) 384-4966 46 hours ago Has called every afternoon for the past week. Leaves no message. I've not answered since I don't know the number. (407) 205-0295 46 hours ago Asked me my stance on abortion rights. (718) 210-0330 46 hours ago Is this a real job? I called, and it was some sort of recruiting company, supposedly. I called the next day, and the number was disconnected. The job listing comes back every now and than on craigslist. "We have immediate openings for general labor and/or warehouse personnel for our quickly expanding business. Full time work, benefits after 90 days, 401k after 6 months, EEOE. Positions will fill quickly. Call or email to setup an interview." (248) 251-0739 46 hours ago This company is rude and unprofessional (469) 518-8676 46 hours ago Just another Home Security Alarm robo call. (954) 736-4713 46 hours ago Automated call. Said his name was John, a rep for Google, etc. listings. I hung up. (281) 764-8999 46 hours ago I you are looking to update your Google Network, they can help you. (593) 428-7179 46 hours ago just called my home phone,hung up on answering machine. the 593 prefix from Equador from research. if you return call you will get country charges added to phone bill, do not answer/return call. i am contacting police to report this obvious scam... (630) 995-9745 46 hours ago Absolute Assholes. Spammers trying to sell some Google listing stuff. Kept on hanging up when asked to speak to a manager. (620) 776-5120 46 hours ago Auto call about updating my 2014 Google listing. (603) 968-5788 46 hours ago George street photo and video (760) 490-7376 47 hours ago Told me some really6 strange things (401) 394-1419 47 hours ago Global Naps-R , Hung up (508) 713-4936 47 hours ago I kept getting calls from this # (daily) with no VM left. One day I was lucky enough to be able to answer when they called and the person on the other end said they were calling because I had filled out a "singles application"...as in dating. I told them I did not and to please stop calling. They haven't called since (this was 3 days ago) (630) 479-3989 47 hours ago Thursday 17 April 2014 -- 10:50 am -- Caller ID said "unknown". No message was left. (425) 939-1061 47 hours ago I answered the phone and a very impolite person asked in a rude tone for "Perry". I told him, that there is no Perry in our household. He just hung up. I called him back and asked for his name and wanted to know why he has no manners calling people and just hung up. He said his name is Andrew. I told him to put our number on the do not call list. He yelled at me and threatend me. He sounds like a very suspicious person. (585) 507-4764 47 hours ago Man called, said he was from Texas County and he was - well, not communicating very well, he needed a better script. I told him to take his cart and pony show somewhere else, people don't get arrested for an outstanding debt, and this was an English speaking person. (330) 271-6700 48 hours ago MLM. NO IDEA HOW THEY GOT MY CELL PHONE NUMBER. ON DNC! (470) 222-9318 48 hours ago Scam-calls relentlessly saying you will be served if you don't call back (800) 855-9936 48 hours ago I was chatting online to resolve internet issues with a tech from att....he called from this number while I was online to set an appt for a service tech to visit (800) 737-5280 48 hours ago called back and got "number not in service" (772) 228-3058 48 hours ago Another call from "career institute" using a different number. also from 618-221-0181 (678) 203-2052 48 hours ago Called. Left no message. My phone is on DNC. This is just another fraud / scam / telemarketer of some sort. (618) 221-0181 48 hours ago Calls repeatedly on my cell phone. option to remove but who knows if it will work. Have had a huge flood of telemarketers in the last 24 hours, most with bogus numbers most asking for "jane" (855) 409-4569 48 hours ago seemingly credit card / payment services http://www.appstar.net/ (267) 309-6203 48 hours ago they have called 4x this week telling me I won a free trip to the Bahama's. I report them, block them, they just switch to another # and call again.. (855) 409-4569 48 hours ago sales call per 'rachel' at Appstar Financial .. in a call center bullpen, based on the background noise levels (480) 525-9648 49 hours ago I've received two calls from this number this morning. The first time they left a 8 second voicemail recording of dead air. The second time they left a 16 second voicemail recording, with background noise, and the caller laughing at something at the end of the message. There is obviously someone on the other end of the line, and they are intentionally not leaving a message. (876) 559-8393 49 hours ago Claimed to be Publisher's Clearing House. (570) 591-8662 49 hours ago Mommy called me today and I wanted to tell everyone all about it! (216) 299-6754 49 hours ago Vulgar call-said he was a landscaper (716) 338-3762 49 hours ago I was left a 2 minute voicemail of background noise and talking at 10pm. Sounds like an office or a few people talking. Very garbled. I do not know the number and there was no answer or voicemail box set up when I called back on 4-17-14 (305) 848-7908 49 hours ago THIS IS A SCAM! Guy claims to be from Bank of America and that I have been approved for $5,000 unsecured personal loan (that I never even applied for) but that I need to send money to prove that I can make monthly payments etc. I have asked him to please stop calling me but he still calls at least once per day sometimes more. (410) 246-4694 49 hours ago The caller just holds the line breathing. (405) 759-8819 49 hours ago Google they are so annoying (323) 315-0045 49 hours ago I got a call from a man who mispronounced my name. I called the number back and got recording of a lady with an accent who said, "All calls are busy now, we will call you back later." It may be a collections call center in India (765) 283-3227 49 hours ago Called my cell phone 3X this week...left no message... (501) 412-7876 49 hours ago DRB Construction, LLC Perryville, AR 72126 (501) 412-7876 Experienced Construction Company! Both New Construction and Remodeling! Contractor, Construction Company, Construction, Construction Contractor, Home Building http://drbconstructionllc.com/ (615) 326-4859 49 hours ago Rude. Calling cell phone. Insists that I've registered online for a sweepstakes. When I told caller that "I've never registered online for ANY sweepstakes" caller responded "I'm sorry if you've forgotten". I then asked to be removed from the list. Caller said "NO". (405) 514-1969 49 hours ago All Asphalt Paving & Concrete 7900 Kickingbird Lane, Edmond, OK 73034 (405) 514-1969 All Asphalt Paving & Concrete has the skill and resources to keep you on solid ground. Family owned and operated serving Oklahoma Metro for over 37 years! Paving Contractor, Concrete Contractor, Asphalt paving, Paving, Concrete service http://aapavingnconcrete.com/ (951) 867-2987 49 hours ago GNS Garage Door Service 2518 Ridgecrest Ave, Norco, CA 92860 (951) 867-2987 http://gnsgaragedoor.com/ GNS Garage Door Service has over 10 years of experience offering professional and reliable door service. (412) 872-2843 50 hours ago this number was calling me for several days and hanged up when i answered there is no messages left on mechine, but when i search for teh number it said it was from pittsburger area and from carrier :INTERMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS INC. - PA Now this is getting upseting to have people who call me my number is private so i do not know how this person or who ever got my number . (199) 920-0200 50 hours ago call several times a day but does not answer when we do answer (626) 400-1192 50 hours ago They hacked my computer saying they were from Windows regarding viruses. They showed me a list if errors and typed into my computer saying they were fixing the problem. When they asked me to fill out a for including my credit card # to pay $3- I realized it was a scam. Then they totally shut down my Computer & I can't get on it. I don't know what to do. They said it was for my own good and if I fill out the form and pay the money they will get it going again. They probably got all my information including my SS #'s pay the $3- by credit card they will turn it back on. (479) 361-7725 50 hours ago JB Hunt recently delivered Whirlpool stuff to me and this is to survey you on how their drivers performed. (920) 482-4149 50 hours ago NO MESSAGE LEFT, NOTHING! (224) 440-7632 50 hours ago Saying they are from Microsoft and there is a problem with my computer. This is a scam (781) 321-9253 50 hours ago Claimed to be "Credit Card Services" that could lower my interest rate. When I asked caller to identify the company he was calling on behalf of, he said "I already told you." I pressed further and he hung up. I would bet this is a scam. (832) 463-2957 51 hours ago Dynamic Recovery Solutions leaves me a message, but never says who they are looking for. They call every day and give a toll-free number for call back: 888-356-8277. (478) 254-9163 51 hours ago newspaper subscription (903) 486-1966 51 hours ago I checked just for location . No problems. (917) 000-0003 51 hours ago Very likely a scam, it was just a prerecorded message about a reduced rate without identifing what company they were associated with. (702) 939-8380 51 hours ago Called at 1220am.... (718) 289-4312 52 hours ago startell LLC.......why would a ny based company wat to help me lower my electricity bill @IL. (720) 456-3697 52 hours ago No message (614) 754-4133 52 hours ago No message (828) 233-5638 52 hours ago They call daily and never leaves a message (407) 205-0295 52 hours ago They call several times a day and never leave a message. (832) 867-5893 52 hours ago Supreme Dirt Works and Trucking LLC 922 Pine Meadow Dr, Missouri City, TX 77489 8328675893 http://sdirtworksandtrucking.com/ The home of free ponds, free clean dirt and now offering free land leveling. (512) 000-0001 52 hours ago Call back says please check number. (800) 325-6217 53 hours ago Woke me up at 8 am on my day off. I didn't pick up but called the number to see who this idiot was..the dreaded Card Services. I told them the person they were calling for does not live here anymore (she does) and blasted them for waking me up and asked them to take my number off their list. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen. (916) 761-1723 54 hours ago Company Name: Nobles Onsight Lube and Oil Address: 7455 Fox Hills Drive, Citrus Heights, CA, 95610 Phone: 916-761-1723 Our company provides vehicle maintenance programs. We carry name brand oils, oil filters and fuel filters. We offer customers on-site maintenance, inspections and repairs, as well as minor or in-depth repairs. http://nobleslubeandoil.com/ (720) 436-0023 54 hours ago Company Name: Ace Carpet Installations Address: 2443 South Race ave., Englewood, CO, 80210 Phone: 720-436-0023 Union Certified for many years until he decided to branch out on his own. http://acecarpetinstallation.com (908) 494-2286 55 hours ago Metropolitan Renovations Inc 929 Baldwin Ave, Linden, NJ, 07036 (908) 494-2286 Offering residential and commercial roofing services in Linden NJ and all surroudning areas. http://metrorenovationsinc.com/ (952) 250-1462 56 hours ago Cityscapes Landscaping & Property Maintenance LLC 3409 Garnet Ct, Burnsville, MN, 55337 (952) 250-1462 http://cityscapeslandscapingmn.com Landscaping (504) 309-6138 56 hours ago Church's Karate Academy 4716 Paris Ave, New Orleans, LA, 70122 (504) 309-6138 http://www.churchskarateacademy.com/index.php Our family-friendly programs help make learning martial arts available to everyone. We offer great opportunities for those interested in competition. Our students have won numerous championships from local to world-class level. (717) 220-5505 57 hours ago Sunset View Contractors 352 Mohr Rd, Millersburg, PA, 17061 (717) 220-5505 sunsetviewcontracting.com We offer garage door installation & repair, home repair and improvements, lawn maintenance, snow removal. We offer free estimates. (281) 818-2465 57 hours ago Affordable Tubs 13011 Skymeadow Drive, Houston, TX, 77082 (281) 818-2465 http://affordabletubs.com/ Specializing In Refinishing, Recoloring, Restoration, and Repairs of Bathtubs, Jaccuzis, Garden Tubs, Shower Tiles, Countertops, Cabinets, Porcelain Sinks and more. (716) 240-0028 59 hours ago This guys keeps harassing my girl..... Very fraudulent beware. The voice haste a deep Indian dialect. (402) 952-4444 63 hours ago BEWARE! Caller ID will be "Gallup Organization" and may be lower-wage hired personnel. They may ask for you by name; before identifying yourself ask them to identify themselves. They’ll probably tell you they are from your bank (or according to comments found elsewhere, that they’re from your hospital/doctor’s office etc). If you want, you can tell them that the person they’re asking for "isn’t there". They will then attempt to obtain personal information. An example might be, "Is there another name on the account?" Do NOT answer ANY questions! Call your bank (or medical provider, etc.) and if you’re told "We hire them for surveys" complain strenuously; add that your next call would have been to the Federal Trade Commission (and that you had been seriously considering terminating your relationship with your bank). Insist that your institution remove your name and phone # from all usage of this type. You have this right under the laws governing Privacy of Information. (424) 354-3131 63 hours ago some scammers who try to get money out of you (803) 326-1428 63 hours ago This young lady called me again after being told two weeks ago that this was not the number for the person she was trying to reach, that the person no longer lived with me, and that I have no new contact information for that person because we are not in contact. She would not identify what company she was calling from and I told her not to call my number again. I reminded her about this information today and she got mad and ended the call. I called her back and asked to speak to her supervisor. I was finally able to determine that she is calling from a debt collection company named William Fudge Inc. with which I have no debt, nor have I any debt with any of its clients. I told her I consider her calls as harassment at this point, told her to stop calling my personal cell phone number, left a message with her supervisor, and lodged a complaint with the better business bureau. (740) 610-0206 64 hours ago Call date/time: April 16, 2014, 2:15PM EDT Caller said he was from "Titan Gas" and wanted me to give him account information from my electric utility bill. Yeah, right. I told him I don't give out information to cold callers and I don't deal with crooks who ignore the DNC list and laws. Caller hung up and I added the calling number to our telemarketer blocking applcation's database. (416) 322-2917 65 hours ago I received a call from them. The caller left a message, mumbling something about a strike and said they had employment available. (970) 226-1266 65 hours ago Caller ID said "Linda Finch" but reverse lookup of this # said "Deepali Pandit" and "Amol S. Pandit" in Ft Collins, CO. Deepali Pandit is a computer operator for a school and Amol S. Pandit is an inventor involved in several patents. (305) 507-4577 65 hours ago They call 2-3 times everyday and when I pick up they speak in spanish and hang up. (605) 622-0529 65 hours ago While on Meetme.com a woman sent me a text saying she's from australia. She said I can text her at this number. Sounded fishy to me. (202) 974-8147 66 hours ago YOUR TELEMARKETERS FROM WASHINGTON D.C. WHO JUST CALLED US THIS AFTERNOON @ 4:40PM SEEM TO BE RUNNING THESE RIDICULOUS TIGHT SHIFTS SUCH AS COLD CALLING CUSTOMERS EVERY MINUTE WITHOUT ANY CHANCE TO TAKE ANY BREAKS TO TELL US WHY THEY'RE CALLING AND HANGING UP BEFORE WE CAN ANSWER THEM! (267) 309-6203 66 hours ago Successfully blocked by Phone Tray from their on-line number blocking service. All that's needed is a Fax/Data/Voice/CallerID modem and the program. Check it out at: http://www.phonetray.com (512) 587-8966 66 hours ago left no message (703) 372-0820 66 hours ago Male calls every weekday morning around 9 AM. Have not answered. (928) 257-3549 66 hours ago Two calls from this number today. Didn't answer either one. Internet search shows this is a robocall to sell solar systems that can save money on your utility bill. Reverse number lookup reports this number is located in Yuma, AZ, but this is more likely to be a spoofed number, and could be from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. (575) 613-7457 66 hours ago Recorded call offering a free security system, must press 2 to be taken off thier do not call list, but they continue to call. (239) 214-8780 67 hours ago Yet another police association that may, or may not, be what they claim. This is the first time I've heard of them. It's the same story, though; they assume you're going to receive their pledge kit and the much-coveted (in their eyes) window decal and send tons of cash. (317) 261-1734 67 hours ago They are calling people from this number and it us a fraud they are stealing innocent people Money...I was a victim they took all I had (713) 981-2344 67 hours ago It is a scam same people call from 713-988-8988 giau bar n bite, 713-984-5253 ATT, 713-981-2121 Houston, Tx someone in Houston should shut them down. (800) 307-1515 67 hours ago (First part was cut off) "...www.goATTbig.com. Simply log into your account to redeem your two hundred dollars. At AT&T, we care about you. Thank you and have a nice day." (972) 905-4406 67 hours ago left no message on answering machine (910) 431-3415 67 hours ago it was a recorded call regarding lower interest rates on credit cards. Waited on line hit 1 as told to and gave them a bunch of incorrect info. However they did have my phone number and name. told them they had the wrong info person at this number no longer here. I feel that is they can call me, then I can scam them back. The do not call list is a big joke does not work. The Government can spy on our calls, should be able to spy on these calls and find out who is doing this (866) 730-7569 67 hours ago it was a robo call regarding prescription meds. was asked to say yes or push 1. i do not respond to rob calls hung up If a company wants to talk to me they will call in person and identify themselves. (571) 308-7951 67 hours ago asked for a person that was not here. they said they were taking a survey. i said not interested, told them not to call again and hung up. The gov can snoop on our phone calls, why can't they find these people and put a stop to these calls??? (205) 383-1956 68 hours ago Collection Group tied to 8665948670 (347) 329-5851 68 hours ago walmart 100$ giftcard voucher line (704) 220-1712 68 hours ago Called this a.m. at 9:34 CT. Said Monroe, NC. Didn't know number, didn't answer and didn't leave message. (800) 275-4932 68 hours ago Name, Not Provided and no message left. (719) 478-5289 68 hours ago Won't stop calling. Top activity in past 6 hours 7204563698 (54) 401 (52) 3128009110 (43) 2392148780 (37) 7862044358 (34) 0000000000 (33) 2084512121 (31) 2673096203 (30) 7247133149 (30) 4142325011 (30) 3042050396 (30) 8772370512 (29) 3214021738 (29) 9093905302 (28) 7028323139 (27) 7312010118 (27) 6125842120 (27) 7856552585 (26) 5713087951 (26) 2392148602 (26) 3609935475 (26) 4013941419 (26) 7862701200 (26) 3605917559 (26) 4132078582 (25) 2679669188 (25) 6786811899 (25) 5934287179 (25) 8665183923 (25) 8002958051 (24) 8282335638 (24) 2199929828 (24) 8475799835 (24) 5120000001 (24) 8772188370 (24) 8002662278 (24) 2022807234 (24) 8663001057 (24) 6462658678 (24) 5184179314 (24) 8772737626 (24) 6147544133 (24) 8668498008 (24) 8558511756 (23) 9165971107 (23) 2677734936 (23) 7033720820 (23) 9123806540 (23) 9289614987 (23) 7022242243 (23) 3033054277 (23) 2064220913 (23) 8554094569 (23) 7029568192 (23) 4357508797 (23) 8003256217 (23) 7042201712 (23) 7866077448 (23) 5412003269 (23) 9149404363 (23) 5038281962 (23) 3053688262 (23) 4072050295 (23) 4582011344 (23) 8772190853 (23) 5138721400 (23) 7065618396 (23) 2482510739 (23) 3047329610 (23) 9898265590 (23) 2603123982 (23) 8284002014 (23) 4355227900 (23) 7172385396 (22) 999200200 (22) 6207765120 (22) 7702031285 (22) 2818182465 (22) 6182210181 (22) 8007375280 (22) 5014127876 (22) 9084942286 (22) 7162400028 (22) 9547364713 (22) 9512216110 (22) 5855074764 (22) 7182100330 (22) 4695188676 (22) 9132031099 (22) 7278199536 (22) 8134340117 (22) 7813219253 (22) 2053831956 (22) 4259391061 (22) 9729054406 (22) 3058487908 (22) 4243543131 (22) 2817648999 (22) 5756137457 (22) 3302716700 (22)
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hours, number, message, called, calling, phone, calls, company, answer, asked, caller, service, information, person, about, times, credit, would, another, several, first, leave, people, never, computer, again, saying, numbers, recording, accent, personal, medical, going, google, trying, money, scammers, answered, today, wanted, construction, business, services, other, offering, someone, blocked, should, since, check, vehicle, system, lower, being, nothing, paving, answering, block, offer, recorded, background, second, security, operator, remove, online, identify, maintenance, pandit, concrete, contractor, please, voicemail, leaves, immediately, unknown, voice, talking, report, getting, claimed, received, noise, minutes, reported, probably, microsoft, continue, years, without, speak, weeks, machine, this number, they were, from this, calls from, they call, phone number, credit card, said they, cell phone, they will, stop calling, told them, several times, call list, call back, call from, answering machine, when they, then they, call again, they left, message left, tell them, were calling, sounds like, tree service, company name, these calls, calling from, some sort, saying they, your bank, door service, garage door, background noise, asphalt paving, called back, personal information, from their, calls every, this week, number back, have been, what company, area code, robo call, caller said, that number, they said, call every, information from, answer when, call several times, second voicemail recording, cell phone number
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